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Who Once Lived Here?

Doyle's "Unami Farms" offers a special field trip to learn about the ancient peoples who once lived here.

The Delaware Indians, also called Lenni-lenape (meaning genuine people), were made up of three main divisions: the Minisi (or Munsee) of the north; the Unami of central New Jersey and the Unalachtigo of the south.

This field trip includes a 30 minute presentation focusing on history and artifacts of the Indians.  Marvel at how tools and weapons were expertly made. Retrace Indians trails, speak Indian words and learn their meaning. Discover their diet and customs. You'll take a hayride to an Indian campsite to visit a fire pit that was discovered on the farm.

The artifacts you will see during the field trip were collected by Richard Doyle, a member of the Hillsborough Historic Commission and past president of the Archaeological Society of New Jersey. He has spent a lifetime studying the local Indians.

This trip takes approximatey 2 hours and includes:

  • Guided tour of artifacts
  • Play authentic Native American Games.
  • Gather around the campfire and enjoy popcorn and demonstration of Native American cooking.
  • Paint your face, put on your moccasins and travel along path to dugout canoe and fire pit.
  • Participate in an Indian Harvest, and learn about the three-sisters.
  • Search for your own artifacts (Everyone finds a treasure!)

Prices: ($100.00 deposit to reserve date)

  • Teachers - FREE (1 per class of 20)
  • Students - $14.00
  • Chaperones - $14.00
All school group tours can be arranged by calling
(908) 369-3187